The request line should now properly open in a new window, regardless of broswer that the end-user is using. Still working behind the scenes, I hope everyone is enjoying the new look thus far.

1/1/2014 - Welcome,

After countless hours (and no pay, not even a case of beer!), The Dog Pound is happy to announce the official launch of our BRAND NEW Website! We hope you like the look and feel of the new website. Currently, there are many sections that are not working as I am in the process of still programming those areas. There will be a section for the DJ's to login and update their profiles, as well as a file area where I can place all the new sweepers, Liners, Drops for the DJ's to go out and grab.

After speaking with Big Dog, we have decided to put the website up without all the sections being completed, so I am keeping those sections offline while I still fumble through the programming and integration into the new website.

Have a suggestion? Please feel free to drop us an email and let us know. (Soon, I have this offline as well...)